I Am In Love

Most people know that feeling. Nothing can ever go wrong again. You are in love, you believe that God wants only the best for you. You trust that it is through His divine intervention that you have found the one who holds you heart. The one who makes you smile and is the reason the for your galloping heartbeat. You believe that God has blessed you with the best and trust that this love will never come to an end.



I am in Love, I first visited Malawi in 2016 and Malawi stole my heart.  Like a romantic relationship, I Trust that God has send us there for a reason, Devine intervention, a Visit with a purpose. Malawi the reason for a galloping heartbeat, the thought that makes me smile.





No, it was not the Unique Africa Sunset, the wild Animals or most beautiful lake Malawi that captured my heart. It was God’s Love for Malawi, the People of Malawi and especially the Children of Malawi. I am in Love with the friendly faces and their generous hearts. Their hunger for the Gospel and their eagerness to learn more about Jesus. They believe like children and gets excited about miracles. They pray without pretend and worship without crowds. They Love with everything, care for everyone and help everywhere.

The children play without toys, go to school without books and learn without internet. They walk without shoes and sleep without blankets. They wear clothes of days gone by and go to sleep on hunger tummies. They drink water from rivers and open wells, but not a day go by that they don’t love, laugh and live. They are happy, they are free, and they are loved.

With no income, families survive on what God provide, but they still believe. They know God is in control, they don’t ask for more, they only ask for what they need.

Malawi- my heartbeat. The country where I have learned to Love, Laugh and Live. The country where God has taught me that life is more than today. Life is yesterday, today and tomorrow because He was, He is and always will be. I learned from Malawi that giving is better that receiving, I’ve learned that to eat mealiepap and leafy greens with loved ones is better to eat steak with false ones. I have learned that sleeping in the village is better that sleeping in a mansion and I have learned that the stars shine much brighter in a dark village. I no longer care for running water, electricity is just a word and preparing food on the fire a given and sleeping in a mudbrick house a blessing. I Love God and I love the beautiful life in Malawi

God has blessed me, He gave me a Love for life, He gave me a new vision, a new purpose and a new dream. He gave me what He has is plan for me…


Now I must be like the people of Malawi, I must trust more, pray more and believe more, not for what I want but for what God wants me to have…

I am in Love, I am excited. I am thankful, I am blessed