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Africa Child Aid

Africa Child Aid

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I Am In Love

I Am In Love

Most people know that feeling. Nothing can ever go wrong again. You are in love, you believe that God wants only the best for you. You trust that it is through His divine intervention that you have found the one who holds you heart. The one who makes you smile and is the reason the for your galloping heartbeat. You believe that God has blessed you with the best and trust that this love will never come to an end.



I am in Love, I first visited Malawi in 2016 and Malawi stole my heart.  Like a romantic relationship, I Trust that God has send us there for a reason, Devine intervention, a Visit with a purpose. Malawi the reason for a galloping heartbeat, the thought that makes me smile.





No, it was not the Unique Africa Sunset, the wild Animals or most beautiful lake Malawi that captured my heart. It was God’s Love for Malawi, the People of Malawi and especially the Children of Malawi. I am in Love with the friendly faces and their generous hearts. Their hunger for the Gospel and their eagerness to learn more about Jesus. They believe like children and gets excited about miracles. They pray without pretend and worship without crowds. They Love with everything, care for everyone and help everywhere.

The children play without toys, go to school without books and learn without internet. They walk without shoes and sleep without blankets. They wear clothes of days gone by and go to sleep on hunger tummies. They drink water from rivers and open wells, but not a day go by that they don’t love, laugh and live. They are happy, they are free, and they are loved.

With no income, families survive on what God provide, but they still believe. They know God is in control, they don’t ask for more, they only ask for what they need.

Malawi- my heartbeat. The country where I have learned to Love, Laugh and Live. The country where God has taught me that life is more than today. Life is yesterday, today and tomorrow because He was, He is and always will be. I learned from Malawi that giving is better that receiving, I’ve learned that to eat mealiepap and leafy greens with loved ones is better to eat steak with false ones. I have learned that sleeping in the village is better that sleeping in a mansion and I have learned that the stars shine much brighter in a dark village. I no longer care for running water, electricity is just a word and preparing food on the fire a given and sleeping in a mudbrick house a blessing. I Love God and I love the beautiful life in Malawi

God has blessed me, He gave me a Love for life, He gave me a new vision, a new purpose and a new dream. He gave me what He has is plan for me…


Now I must be like the people of Malawi, I must trust more, pray more and believe more, not for what I want but for what God wants me to have…

I am in Love, I am excited. I am thankful, I am blessed



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Lockdown or Knockdown

Lockdown or Knockdown

“Can I come in to the out now?” A quote from my favourite DreamWorks Animations, HOME. This is the basic overall feeling of any extrovert in the world right now.

Can I Come Into the Out Now - Boov let me out | Meme Generator

Today I woke up excited. I got to go into the outside! I got to put on a bra and actual shoes. (Sorry guys, not essential items for us when we are home!) I did a quick shop run for the essentials, but it was mostly for my sanity. I realised how much I miss the things that annoys me under normal circumstances in a normal day. And then I realised how bad I am at adapting to change.

I got to my destination of buying essentials and ended up queuing at the door. Normally, a queue would annoy me. Who has time for that? Today, I had all the time in the world! Today I was grateful for the queue. I was grateful to see healthy people. I was grateful to just hear voices in general and not just those in my head!

But I was excited as people were finally kind to one another. We were patient, sticking to the rules. Respecting space and smiling kindly when the security officer with a replica mask of Darth Vader said, “you may enter”. It was weird, let’s face it but the point is, we stuck to the rules without getting impatient.

They limited the amount of people in the store at once, which was cool as we all know that there is not really traffic control when shopping, nor do we follow the “stay left, pass right” rule. Bottom line, less people touching me. But this was not just social distancing, you would have to be a clumsy idiot to bump into someone. (which obviously I was while getting excited over bananas) I got in, ran through, stacking everything on my poor Albany loaf. (There are literally people waiting in a queue for you to leave!). It was fun to finally pay for something. My debit card breezed through the machine and the ABSA SMS was music to my ears. “Money and Time well spent” I thought to myself. The cost of sanity and toilet roles is expensive, but it might also be all the stuff I bought to make me fat.

Traffic from and to everywhere are usually the cause of by me being extremely frustrated and use ugly, not very nice words. Today, there was silence. No delays. Not even time to karaoke my frustration away to one song on KFM! My frustration today was for the opposite reason. Today, I wished for a taxi to flash his head lights and drive in my boot for no reason, and I was disappointed that none of the traffic lights were red! I sat in my car when I got home thinking that this all happened way to fast and that I wasn’t ready for that!

Working from home is a mission for me. Guess what? I am not comfortable working in the comfort of my own home! And having no forced routine really sucks! Usually the stress and the number of impossible tasks I need to complete in a normal day gets me down. Now, I am thankful that I don’t have time to be bored. That I don’t have time to google “Why isn’t 11 Pronounced Onety One?”. I can still tell time in seconds and not months.

Through this crisis, I feel that we have been forced to take a step back. Go back to the basics of human decency and respect. Go back to basic hygiene and back to the love and the care we should have for our neighbour (or stranger). It forced us to be humane. Is this because of fear? Lack of being educated on what is going on or are we just working together? Me checking both ways when driving through a traffic circle, has zero trust in humans, yet I was stunned by the discipline showed today. Maybe the real reason is that we are scared to be without wine for so long? Not sure.

Point is, I will never take the norm and my normal for granted ever again. And in this time, I have learned to even appreciate the bad. I am grateful that I am only losing my mind on day thirteen!

Introverts, please remember check on your extrovert friends frequently. We are not doing ok!


(day 13 of National Lockdown in RSA)